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The development of the Seventy Years Declaration on the Anniversary of the Final Solution Conference at Wannsee was portrayed in the documentary Rewriting History.

REWRITING HISTORY is a David vs. Goliath tale that bears testament to the power of conviction and taking action in the face of insurmountable odds, as two unlikely heroes decide to stand in the way of the Lithuanian Government’s campaign to remove an inconvenient WWII history from the annals of the European Union. In the documentary we see Danny Ben-Moshe and Dovid Katz take their fight against double genocide into the European Union as they coauthor the Seventy Years Declaration, get politicians from across the European Union to sign it, and ultimately Dovid Katz presents the Declaration to the President of the EU Parliament.

Rewriting History is a provocative film that explores the efforts of right-wing Lithuanian historians and their political supporters both inside and outside of government to rewrite the history of the Holocaust, obscuring the role of Lithuanians in killing their own Jewish citizens, equating the crimes of Communism with the systematic murderous campaign of Nazi Germany, promoting the false notion of “Double genocide” – Nazi genocide and Soviet genocide – and accusing Jewish Partisans who fought valiantly for their survival of alleged crimes against the Lithuanian people.

REWRITING HISTORY was made for Australian broadcaster SBS, was reviewed in ‘The Australian’ newspaper as “one of those films that is so compelling it leaves you a little breathless”. The film has screened at film festivals, Holocaust Museums, community settings and universities around the world .

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